Workout 10-09-17

Beautiful day today. Today’s workout was a chipper WOD


Chipper WOD (200 rep total)

20 Push Press

20 Back Squat


25 Abmat Sit Ups

15 Clean Pulls

5 Pistols (Each Leg)

15 Sprawls

10 Sit Outs (Each Side)

20 Triangles

10 Ring Dips

20 Pull Ups


Swimming (Laps and cool down)

Not too bad for a Monday


Review – ProCircle Wooden Gymnastic Rings

I recently purchased a set of ProCircle Wooden Gymnastic Rings from Amazon. For $35.99 these rings are roughly half the price of the Rogue Fitness rings. I consider Rogue Fitness the standard bearer somewhat of all things home gym and these Procircle rings are every bit as good in function.

The box comes with a set of instructions, two wooden rings, and two hanging straps. The straps ridiculously long, but better long than short. The straps have a built in velcro strap to keep the excess material from getting in the way. I found that looping the material back through the pull up bar and velcro strapping it down was an easy way to keep things out of the way.

Overall these are great rings and I don’t regret buying them one bit. Here are a few of the things I like about the rings thus far:

The straps are incredibly strong. I was worried at this price point the company would skimp on the straps and they would be twisting and stretching with the slightest amount of weight or wind. Thankfully this is not the case and I found the straps to be every bit as strong as the Rogue ones I have used.

The ratchet mechanisms are very strong too. I was worried that they would be cheap and I would not trust them to hold their position once I put my weight on them. These ratchets grip down and have not budged despite my best efforts of hanging, pulling, and tugging on them. I also found them pretty easy to use. They are all metal construction and feel like they will last a very long time.

Lastly the price. At under $36 with free shipping from Amazon these were an absolute steal. Especially considering the Rogue Fitness rings run upwards of $80. Even the Rogue plastic rings cannot touch these rings in price.

While there is alot to love about these rings there is at least one part where ProCircle falls short of Rogue, though I don’t think it affects the overall performance.

I’m no ring making expert but the craftsmanship of the wooden rings doesn’t seem to be up to Rogue’s standards. It is evident that these rings are at least two piece and joined. I can’t imagine any company being able to produce a solid one piece wooden ring economically. But the joint where the two pieces are joined is pretty evident and mine even has some small gaps. This is something I have never noticed with any of the Rogue rings I have used. Ultimately for the amount of use I am going to give this set of rings I don’t think its going to be an issue. I don’t think the structure of the ring is compromised, if anything it represents a small ding to the aesthetics of the ring, however if I were a gym owner and knew these rings would be used and abused by many people all day every day, I’d probably be a little more concerned.

Not so much that the ring would fall apart but more so about the ring beginning to splinter at the seam and eventually causing splinters or hand injuries forcing me to swap in a new pair.


I’m not a gym owner and these rings are going to not going to see a commercial gym amount of use and abuse. Overall if you are looking for a great set of rings for your home gym that won’t break the bank, pick up a set of these. It’s not often that I would recommend a brand other than Rogue Fitness but here I am doing just that.

Workout 10-05-17





3×10 Scapular Pull Up

5×5 Front Squat

3×10 Barbell Curl

3×8 Chin Up

20 min Handstand Walk Practice (Handstand walks across mat taking breaks as needed. FYI still suck at these)

Workout 10-04-17

Unusual weather for this time of year. I feel like I’m back in the Pacific Northwest. Cool, breezy, and drizzly in the sunshine state. It made the outdoor workouts much more pleasant.


Reverse Grip Bench Press 3×10

Floor Press 3×8

5 rounds

30 second Handstand Hold

1 min jump rope

30 second rest

10 rounds

200m run

10 Barbell Shrugs

Workout 10-01-17

My youngest son joined me for the workout today. He was able to bench then barbell and used light dumbbells for the thrusters. It was awesome seeing him push through.


3×8 Bench Press

3×8 Ring Face Pulls


Thrusters/Hand Release Push Ups