Workout 02-10-18

Short light jog this morning to get the blood flowing and then straight into some household maintenance stuff.


2 mile run


Training 02-08-18

My gi top is absolutely soaked in sweat. I showed up for lunch class and with only 4 of us there we skipped the formalities and just rolled for an hour and a half. No timers, no rounds just roll.

With minimal breaks I felt my technique breaking down as my endurance was being tested. Thank god there was a white belt in mix so I could catch my breath lol!

Training 02-07-18

Gamechangers…sometimes its an overused term. I go to a smaller BJJ school when compared to our sister schools in the area. I believe this has really benefited me early on as I was the only white belt at my school for the first year of my jiu jitsu career. In Jiu Jitsu they say losing is learning and for the majority of my white and early blue belt time I was regularly learning at the hands of guys at purple and up. This really made me very good at defending myself, particularly in bad positions and this showed when I was competing at that level.

I am fortunate that outside my school I train with MMA guy and wrestlers. This has shaped my game to where I favor moves and positions that benefit me in both gi and no-gi. Half Guard, Butterfly, and top position is where you will see me most comfortable. Through the years one of my problem spots has been large, strong top game players that are able to control or sprawl to prevent me from getting under them when in half guard or lock down.


Today at lunch class it was just me, a brown belt and a black belt. I showed up for what was supposed to be advanced class and it turned into a private lesson. Enter the game changer….half butterfly. In all my time as a wrestler and BJJ practitioner I haven’t the foggiest idea why I have never consciously played the half butterfly position. I was shown how to use the position to alleviate being smashed or crossfaced and I thought to myself….gamechanger. Not in the sense that I just learned something that was going to allow me to submit people left and right but more in the sense that I just learned something that was going to help me immensely when in a position that previously frustrated me and rendered me immobile.

Here is just one option we covered using the half butterfly

Workout 02-05-18

Heck of a game last night. I found this morning the energy was lacking to get me out of bed and into a workout.

Luckily since I only had to walk my butt to the garage I was able to muster up enough energy. In fact I didn’t even bother putting on shoes or changing out of the shorts I slept in.


-5×5 Bench Press


Push Press/KB High Pull

Workout 02-02-18

Another beautiful day of weather meant another nice trail ride for me.

No epic crashes today and getting back on the bike today was a bit more familiar than last time. I’m still trying to get back some of my feel but I was able to attack the berms and downhill sections much better which meant the uphill sections weren’t as taxing.

Even with all that my legs are still burning. My quads are definitely letting me know they are not used to this much riding.

I stopped occasionally to session a few sections and it took me about eleventy billion tries but I finally completed this entire loop of skinnies.

The break from the gym to get outdoors for my fitness has been great.