Workout 12-03-17

Rest day today. Pretty sore from this weeks workouts but a good kind of sore. I used the time off to enjoy some meal prep for the next few days.


Evolution of Training

Training at the top level has really evolved along with technology. At the end of the day however, it really boils down to showing up, day after day and putting in work.

While my beloved Seminoles didn’t have the season we hoped for this video shows the preparation that goes into being a top tier athlete and the way training has used technology to evolve.

Workout 12-02-17

So the last month of 2017 came up pretty fast. The year had its ups and downs much like this morning. Got up early and did a workout with a friend but then came inside to find out the coffee I was looking forward to was all over the counter and floors cuz I forgot to put a filter in the basket…..doh!


5×5 Bench Press

12 min EMOM

(Switching with partner after every minute)

5 Push Press/5 Clean Pulls

5 Pull Ups/5 Ring Dips

Cool down was cleaning up coffee from my kitchen…

Workout 12-01-17

Does anyone else feel like the holiday weight got a head start this year? November really kicked my butt…flu, crazy work hours, and some poor nutritional choices and I’m tipping the scales.

Luckily I have a new month starting today to help with a mental reset.


1 mile run

3×10 Barbell Curls

3×10 Narrow Grip Barbell Curls

3×10 DB Hammer Curls

Training 11-30-17

BJJ Fundamentals tonight was all about guard recovery. Stand up technique was Ouchi Gari (Great Inner Reap) Ground techniques covered were guard recovery from side control and while defending the pass. One of the guard recovery techniques involved using the granny roll which I am not very good at when live rolling. It was pretty comical trying to attempt it during drills.