Training 08-10-17

I actually got to roll twice today. I jones a friend for an early morning no gi session where I really didn't feel on my game at all.

Tonight's fundamentals class was exciting as we had Tim Burke join us. Tim is a black belt in Judo and Jiu Jitsu and also trains BJJ. Tim is a public speaker, retiree Special Ops guy, and all around badass.

Tim is also filming a reality TV show and his television crew was setup to film our class. It is supposed to at on ABC sometime in the future so keep an eye out for me.

Today's class covered O Goshi and some of the variants such as harai Goshi and uki Goshi. I am glad my dojo has the soft springy floors we have cuz I took some had falls.

After class we all rolled for about an hour non stop. I had to leave cuz I work early tomorrow but most of the guys were still rolling along with the cameras when I left.

Hopefully they got my good side.

Training 08-09-17

Coached kids class tonight. I gues with school starting tomorrow all the faces we saw sporadically from the summer decided to get back into the BJJ routine. Needless to say it was a lot like herding cats. 

BJJ Advanced tonight covered a nice ankle pick takedown and then onto an inverted triangle escape from side control. The inverted triangle was nice because it also had variations for straight arm lock-americana-kimura series

How to Build a Lifting Platform

In my home gym build I set out to build a lifting platform. I wanted to build a platform to protect my garage floor from cracks from dropping weights and also to try to lessen some of the sound from dropping bumpers on the ground. I live in your typical Florida subdivision so slamming weights on the garage floor will not go unnoticed by my neighbors.

Another reason was that I just think they look cool and make me feel like I’m doing some legit weightlifting. The build was incredibly simple and you don’t need any special tools or know-how other than a drill and a really sharp knife. I found the instructions from The Art of Manliness┬áThere are so many plans and instructions out there but this one involved no plywood cutting and seemed the simplest to construct. The only down side, if you call it one, is the final structure will be 8’x8′ necessitating some decent real estate in your garage to accommodate it. Some of the other plans I found were a bit narrower but I don’t think you will want to go much narrower given that a standard barbell is around 7′ long.


  • 4 – 5/8 thick 4×8 sheets of OSB/Plywood
  • 1 – 3/4″ thick 4×8 sheet of nicer plywood (I went with birch)
  • Box of 1 1/4″ construction screws (I recommend spax wood screws)
  • 2 – 4×6 horse stall mats (visit your local tractor supply)

Step 1: Lay 2 sheets of ply wood side by side. Lay the other 2 sheets of plywood across and directly on top creating a 2 level 8×8 platform. Using your spax screws, screw the two layers together. Space your screws out and be generous to ensure that both levels are joined together.

Step 2: Place your nicer sheet of plywood on top of your 2 layers and center it. There should be 2′ of space on either side of the sheet. Screw the plywood down to secure.

Step 3 – This will probably be the hardest step because the rubber is thick. ┬áCut a rubber mat in half so you have 2 sections of mat each 2′ wide. Once cut secure each section to the plywood on either side of the mat. You should have roughly 2′ left to cover. Cut the second mat into 2′ x 2′ sections and secure those with the screws to the plywood to fill in the remaining area. I chose to place the small section towards the back of the platform so the seam wouldn’t be as noticeable.


Step 4 – Make sure everything is secured together and start making gainz


Bonus Step – Your going to be left with 3/4 of a horse stall mat at the end. Cut that mat into 2×2 sections to make them easier to move around and use them to set equipment or weights on. You could even stack them ontop of each other to make a short pulling block.

Training 08-08-17

Fundamentals class today had a great turnout. Throw was harai goshi, stand up technique was the guillotine and then the ground was the breadcutter choke from side control.

Afterwards several rounds of grappling finished out the day.