Motivation Monday 04-16-18


Training 04-05-18

There was only 3 of us for lunch class today so it turned into a semi private lesson. One of the guys is a brand new white belt, very athletic and currently in the very eager to learn phase.

We started with a couple takedowns from snap down position and then moved to the ground where we worked the baseball bat choke from knee on belly. Afterwards is stuck around an impromptu open mat. All in all 2 hours of bjj today felt really good.

I rolled with the white belt (already forgot his name lol) and when with him I only worked my weak positions and tried to let him work his limited move set as much as possible.

Workout 04-04-18

So I’m going on two weeks strong of logging my meals on MyFitnessPal (the good and the bad). I haven’t noticed any difference in weight but I definitely have noticed a difference in energy levels, particularly mid day.

Today is a busy day but I was able to sleep in an extra hour and hang out a workout right after waking up.

I even had time to make a decent breakfast to get the day started.


EMOM (20 Mins)

-3 Deadlifts