Workout 08-18-17

Brown Santa arrived with my home gym phase 2 today. Still waiting on 1 package to be able to assemble everything.

Originally I wasn’t sure the workout I had planned was going to be hard enough….holy crap was I wrong. This was probably the hardest workout I have done in a while. I was gassed and dropping the barbell after every 5 reps. On the plus side my double unders have gotten really good and I can hit all 15 unbroken.


1 mile run (for time)


20 min AMRAP

15 Clean Pulls

15 Double Unders

15 Push Press

Cool down was mowing the yard and yes that is a legit cool down workout in the summer heat!

Training 08-15-17

Today consisted of waking up around noon after my overnight shift. Doing a quick workout, picking up kids from school to take them to dentist, then off to the store to buy soccer cleats, then back home to change to coach kids no gi class and then do fundamentals tonight.

Through all of that I realized as fundamentals was about to start that I had forgotten to eat. The only thing I had up to that point was some water and a fit aid after my workout. I won’t be making that mistake again.

Fundamentals today was a full class of drilling techniques: guard opening and then closed guard sweeps.

It was good to review those and work on some of the sweeps that I don’t tend to use very often.

Review – Rogue Echo Bar 2.0

When looking into my home gym project the number one priority on my list was to get a decent barbell and some bumpers weights. Even without a rack, bench, or rig the number of strength and conditioning workouts you can do with a standard barbell and bumpers is impressive.

I did my research on barbells and Rogue Fitness seemed to be far and away the best built barbells for the money. As this is my first barbell purchase and will be used for a variety of exercises I went with the Echo 2.0 bar. This bar happens to be the cheapest olympic barbell Rogue makes but that doesn’t mean that is cheap.

This is a fantastic barbell with a nice knurling and impeccable finish. The knurling is a nice balance of grip without being too aggressive. For the majority of my lifts the bar is a great balance between grip without tearing up my hands too much.

The spin on this barbell is great and really smooth especially when using heavier weights on compound lifts. You can tell a lot of quality control was put into the barbell, especially when you see how much care Rogue takes in packaging the barbell for shipment.

Overall if you are just starting lifting or looking for a decent barbell to use and abuse the Echo 2.0 is an awesome place to start. I know eventually I’ll want to get another barbell perhaps with a more aggressive knurling or center knurling but for now this barbell has handled everything I can throw at it and then some.

I purchased this barbell during a promotion where Rogue was offering free shipping for a barbell and bumper set purchase. This worked out fantastic for me as I was able to get the barbell and bumper set for under $500 with free shipping.


Workout 08-13-17

I duplicated the thruster/triangle workout from the other day because I wasn’t happy with my effort. The main reason was I haven’t done barbell thrusters in a long time and underestimated how deceptively heavy things can get when you start getting in the 15+ rep range for time.

I did today with less weight and my effort and results felt much better. I also decided to do some hang snatch drills after watching this video from Juggernaut Training Systems.

This is honestly one of the best instructional videos on the snatch that I have seen. Just for background outside of some informal instruction with training partners I have never been coached or taught how to do any olympic lifts and have been completely self taught through practice and watching videos. That’s not to say I am any good, in fact I constantly watch videos to help improve my technique.

I started my snatch drills with snatch pulls and then onto the catch. Starting with PVC pipe I moved onto the barbell only at the end of the workout.


21-15-9 Barbell Thrusters/Triangle Drills

20 mins. – Snatch drills

3 Minute Rounds/30 second rest x 5 – Kick boxing