Workout 04-03-18

Friend: Why do you look like you wanna cry

Me: Cuz I do.

I finished off today’s workout with an arm blaster that a crusty old officer who I’m certain spent half his career in the gym showed me way back when I first started.

Basically you take an empty barbell (or loaded if your strong) and start barbell curl with reps going from 1 to 10 then from 10 back to one. This is designed as a partner workout so you have it off between reps and that is your rest. Since I’m working it solo I modified it to 1 rep 1 second rest – 2 reps 2 second rest – 3 reps 3 second rest – and you get the picture.


21-15-9 – Push Press/KB Swings

1-10-1 – Barbell Curls


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