1 Min Jiu Jitsu Hacks

I have a real short attention span. I love watching BJJ videos on youtube but often (okay always) find myself skipping past the obligatory “hey guys…..” introduction and talk and just get to where the move is being performed.

Recently I started watching 1 min jiu jitsu hacks and it is perfect for me. It is literally a minute long video of how to improve a certain move. Its perfect for me and my distracted viewing.

Check out a cool tip on the electric chair.


04-20-18 – Virtual 5K

K9s United, a charity whose mission is close to my heart hosted 9K/5K run. I wanted to support them, however the run was about 2.5 hours from my house and on my work day. Luckily they had a virtual run option and so yesterday I completed the virtual run and coincidentally also received my medal and shirt in the mail on the same same day.

I’m really digging the virtual runs as the two that I have done thus far have the nicest looking medals. I do miss the jitters and excitement that comes with a mass start with a large group but I can see why these are an attractive option for many. Especially those just starting out running or who have a small running group.

Training 04-20-18

Yesterday I attended a 4 hour takedown class. The class covered several takedowns from different positions. An entire hour was spent working takedowns from the Muay Thai plum position. Needless to say my neck is killing me.

The class was great and I learned a ton. Afterward I attended the one hour BJJ lunch class. When I got home I had a severe headache that lasted the rest of the day. I think it was likely caused by the fact all I had for breakfast was 2 pieces of toast and then I went to do 5 hours of training.

Its been a busy week but I was glad to get away a bit to get some training done.