Workout 03-30-18

This workout turned out to have just the right amount of pacing to allow me to push myself without going overboard or breaking myself. I was cautious to try to do too much after a couple weeks off.

I felt pretty good starting off on the AMRAP workout but about half way through reality caught up to me and I started to slow down quite a bit.

The EMOM workout was great since it allowed me to rest a bit but still kept me moving just enough that I couldn’t sit down or anything. I only utilized a short rest period between the two workouts.

We are only a couple days into spring but it’s already hot as balls here in Florida and the humidity was really kicking my ass. Remind me never to complain about the cold again.


AMRAP – 12 Mins
-5 Pull ups
-10 Push ups
-15 Squats

EMOM – 10 Mins
-2 Back Squats
-4 Slam Balls


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