Did I get fat or did I unintentionally bulk??

The last few months I have paid less attention to my nutrition. It’s easy for me to do. I have plenty of excuses…I work long hours, I work two jobs, I have two kids and a wife, I am a full time Masters student, etc…

The truth is while I always seem to make sure I workout regularly, or at the very least get to jiu jitsu a couple times a week, I find it much harder to meal prep, say no to carbs and french fries, or fall into bad eating habits. So the last few months my workouts have increasingly leaned towards heavier weights and my nutrition has leaned towards whatever is convenient. The combination has led me to the position I am in now. Bulking is a term used by bodybuilders to describe the phase where they eat excess calories in order to put on mass. Bulking is followed by a cutting phase where they will cut the excess body fat while trying to maintain as much of the added mass as possible.

Image result for bulking meme

Workouts and fast food have essentially caused put me in a bulking phase for the last few months. The result….I hit a PR with my bench press and squat recently, but I also gained 14lbs and my pants are really tight.

I am happy with the strength, however I am not happy with the added body fat I gradually put on and so I’ve decided that even though I unintentionally “bulked” I will need to intentionally “cut”.

I’m not sure what my ideal weight would be at this point but I think for Jiu Jitsu purposes (thinking weight classes), I would be happy with a 25lb weight cut over the next couple months. Personally if I can get my pants to not be so tight and my midsection to not stretch my shirt so much I will be much happier.

So here’s to the next few months of cutting weight and getting down to a more slimming physique. If anyone wants to follow along nutritionally you can find me on myfitnesspal under username K9rocco. Just send me a friend request.


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