Workout 02-28-18

Training today was at our main headquarters. There are times I miss working out of this building and having an office. The equipment is great, however it does tend to get crowded at peak times. Ultimately, I guess that’s a good thing but today I came in pumped up to do deadlifts only to find that area occupied.

Instead I hit some bench press and moved on to some upper body work. Afterwards I went to the mat room and found my old friend. Apparently he’s seen better days…

I used the dummy to practice knee strikes since arm bars were out of the question.


Bench Press – 10-5-5-5-5-5-10

Push Press – 3×10

Dips – 3×10

Clean Pulls – 3×8


Kick Boxing/knee strikes

1 min/30 second rest – 15 Rounds


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