Workout 02-22-18

I worked out at the gym at the academy today and now I know why they do their workouts outdoors. I’ve been in better gyms at hotels.

There is a huge contraption taking up the middle. These multi function complicated gym pieces can do a lot of things but they don’t generally do a lot of those things well.

I’ve been in a lot of gyms in my life and I couldn’t figure this thing out. There was a pamphlet attached to the wall that said to visit the website for instructions.

Along with the large unwieldy piece of equipment there was a broken Concept 2 Rower along the window and a couple old Schwann Air Bikes.

I just stuck with simple equipment today.


3×10 EZ Curl


3×10 Seated DB Shoulder Press

3×10 Front Plate Raises

3×10 Heavy DB Shrugs

3×10 Clean Pulls


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