Training 01-04-18

First BJJ training session of 2018 for me. Fundamentals class tonight taught by a guest professor. It was awesome having a new person to teach we spent a good amount of time with grip breaking and establishing grips.

A bit of a rambunctious grip fighting session between me and a blue belt resulted in me getting a pretty gnarly eye poke. My partner felt really bad but other than a swollen and scratched eye lid I was fine and we continued on.

I don’t think an eye patch will be necessary. The ground portion was a sweep from closed guard set up from a failed scissor sweep. I don’t get to work the S mount very often in a fundamentals class so I was excited when the sweep finished with armbar from S mount.

The class had quite a few resolutioners taking their first or second class so I spent a good amount of time going around and helping them figure things out as well.

I’m hoping for 2018 I can branch out and start teaching a bit more and get involved a little more with the kids class.


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