Training 12-28-17

Fundamentals class tonight. Our professor is recovering from shoulder surgery so he’s basically down to one arm. Today was all about attacking the turtle position and since I was the highest belt in class today I got tasked to teach it.

We went over transitioning, clock choke, back take, and my favorite the tornado choke.

I love the tornado because it can look flashy but it’s simple as hell. Also it was the first choke I went lights out too. About 3 months into my BJJ journey w we’re drilling this and it was my first time. My partner who was a big guy got it in good and didn’t feel my tap and next thing I knew he was tapping me on the cheek as I woke up staring at the ceiling.

Class was followed by some open mat rolls where I got a good sweat on. This was probably my last training session of 2017 and it was nice to close out the year right.


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