Discipline vs Motivation

Whether it’s achieving fitness goals, financial, life, or other goals in life. Discipline and consistency are the main factors in success. Don’t get me wrong I love some motivation, but motivation is fleeting. It comes and goes. The very definition of discipline is that it sticks around. It sticks around when you are motivated and when you are not. If it doesn’t then quite frankly you don’t have it, and maybe never had it to begin with.


Discipline is probably the hardest part in the journey to success. It’s easy to workout today. It’s easy to stick to your diet today or stick to your budget today. What is difficult is sticking to that for this month, or for the next 6 months. That is what separates our failures from our successes.


Jocko Willink is a great motivational speaker but if you listen to his podcast or speeches he doesn’t preach motivation at all. He preaches discipline. In fact is book is even entitled Discipline equals Freedom. 

Do you think a great physique is built through a constant flow of motivation or a disciplined mindset?


Christopher Burns over at Breaking Muscle asks this question in his recent article and I don’t think he could be more spot on. If you are hunting for motivation constantly your chances of achieving long term success are low. We need to seek discipline and the intrinsic motivation that comes with it.


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