Blending Crossfit with BJJ

I like to combine crossfit style workouts with my jiu jitsu training. I do this mostly for efficiency. Doing functional fitness/crossfit style workouts means I can get a strength and cardio training into one. I really hate long cardio sessions and a 5K is about the longest distance I will run. In the past I would run half marathons and 10ks several times a year but I wasn’t developing the type of body or strength necessary to do my job or help me excel at BJJ. So I started switching to crossfit type workouts on my non BJJ training days and I noticed an immediate improvement in my fight cardio and strength after just a few weeks.

This is Jason Khalipa

2008 Crossfit Games champ and owner of NorCal Crossfit. He’s also an all around cool guy.

This is also Jason Khalipa

He’s now a BJJ Blue Belt and like many he’s been bitten by the BJJ bug.

He recently offered some advice on how to incorporate Crossfit for the BJJ athlete and it was some pretty good advice.

You can read the article here

Or just hear it from the man himself


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