Training 12-14-17

Fundamentals BJJ today. I made it for my first lunch time class in a long time. The vibe at lunch class is much more relaxed and informal which is saying alot cuz our evening classes are pretty relaxed and informal too. Either way I find I experiment alot more in the lunch class than I do in the evening during live rolls.

Fundamentals today was all about the head lock escape.


It was a great refresher, especially considering I just taught this to a law enforcement class earlier this week.

During live rolls at the end of class I played my spider guard which I don’t do often and then decided to try out the lasso guard a bit (which I never do). To say my lasso guard needs some work is an understatement as I ended up falling victim to a pretty legit ankle lock that caused a shockwave to go up my shin like a shin splint. There was no damage or pain once I tapped but that was the last of the lasso guard for the morning.



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