Workout 10-29-17

Easy pace and light weights today. Finally getting some cooler weather here in Florida! (It won’t last)


2.5 mile run

3×8 Hang Cleans

3×10 Back Squat

3 Rounds

10 Hand Release Push Ups

10 Sit Outs

10 Double Leg Takedowns


Training 10-27-17

Much of my BJJ school attended the Gracie Barra World Summit last week. I wish I could have gone but work and finances prevented that this time. 

No Gi class we went over some of the MMA focused techniques that the guys brought back. One of which was a head and arm triangle variation. the other technique was a back take from closed guard with a barata plata finish. 

It was an interesting and effective technique, unfortunately I wasn’t very good at it…gonna need some more practice with that. 

Rest Day 10-18-18

It may have been the 18 hours of driving over the weekend or the fact I didn’t get home until 1AM, of maybe sleeping on unfamiliar mattresses, but my body felt sore like I was in a car crash this morning. I considered going swimming but then it started to rain. So I just decided to rest up today and hit the weights tomorrow. 

Training 10-17-17

While back home visiting my mom I dropped in on a small BJJ school for a class. I love to train whenever I travel and I have had nothing but great experiences doing so. The guys here were extremely friendly. There was another visitor along with me. He was an old friend of the instructor and he taught a half guard sweep technique. 

We drilled the technique and then did some positional sparring followed by 5 minute sparring rounds with 30 seconds rest. The highest student in the class was a 2 stripe blue belt so during sparring everyone seemed to want to take on the newcomer and did so with all their might. 

It was great for me because I really got a workout and these guys had games that I’m not used to going against.