Training 09-26-17

Fundamentals tonight was all about the triangle. The triangle is a basic fundamental submission that I don’t attempt often because God blessed me with short thick stocky legs. Today’s class was great because I partnered up with one of our more experienced female white belts so I was able to work on my technique due to her smaller frame. Also I was really impressed with how far her technique has come since the last time we partnered up. At open mat we went a few rounds and she was really moving well and very aggressive and she legitimately stopped several of my submission attempts.

Another thing I have noticed is I am getting the electric chair sweep almost at will on blue belts and lower but having trouble with the upper belts. They seem to be stuffing my position and I have a feeling it’s because I’m telegraphing. A this week I’ll be back on you tube looking for some more pointers lol.


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