Workout 09-20-17

I watched a video series with Matt Fraser recently and in the video they talked to him about his daily routine. He mentioned that every morning he drinks coffee (he takes his coffee pretty seriously) and has breakfast, normally consisting of a breakfast sandwich. Ever since then I have been on an everything bagel breakfast sandwich kick. Unfortunately, I have yet to become Fraserlike.

On the positive side my sandwiches are delicious and provide me with a great balance of carbs and protein in the morning.

I decided to walk down to our community park area and try some short hill sprints to start the workout today. It was blazing hot 93° and humid. I thought maybe it was too easy after the first two ascents. By 4 I had changed my mind and by 7 I was about to puke or pass out.


8 Hill Sprints (Sprint up, walk down, repeat)

-10-8-5-3-1-3-5-8-10 Bench Press

-21/15/9 Push Press/Snatch Grip High Pulls


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