Workout 10-01-17

My youngest son joined me for the workout today. He was able to bench then barbell and used light dumbbells for the thrusters. It was awesome seeing him push through.


3×8 Bench Press

3×8 Ring Face Pulls


Thrusters/Hand Release Push Ups


Training 09-29-17

Today I helped teach a class for our new hires on groundfighting techniques. At the end of class each student rolls with an instructor for two 2 minute rounds. With 37 students and only a handful of instructors that meant 7 or 8 rounds of grappling with only a 2-3 min rest for me. 

Afterwards I headed straight to BJJ for no gi class and although it felt good to train so much my strength and cardio was definitely down. 

No technique tonight. Just a straight hour of rolls. 

Workout 09-28-17

I think its about time to replace me cheap jump rope. Any recommendations on one that won’t get chewed up easily jumping on concrete? Other than this…

Image result for plastic beaded jump rope

I’m not jumping rope in that. At least not in public.


4 Rounds
-25 Double Unders
-25ft Handstand Walk
-25 Squats
-25ft Handstand Walk

5 Rounds
-15 Barbell Curls
-5 Ring Dips

3×8 Bench Press



Training 09-26-17

Fundamentals tonight was all about the triangle. The triangle is a basic fundamental submission that I don’t attempt often because God blessed me with short thick stocky legs. Today’s class was great because I partnered up with one of our more experienced female white belts so I was able to work on my technique due to her smaller frame. Also I was really impressed with how far her technique has come since the last time we partnered up. At open mat we went a few rounds and she was really moving well and very aggressive and she legitimately stopped several of my submission attempts.

Another thing I have noticed is I am getting the electric chair sweep almost at will on blue belts and lower but having trouble with the upper belts. They seem to be stuffing my position and I have a feeling it’s because I’m telegraphing. A this week I’ll be back on you tube looking for some more pointers lol.