The Home Gym Build Part Deux

Last week the UPS man brought me presents in the form of cardboard boxes from Rogue Fitness. I was still waiting on one very important box (hardware) which arrived today. After crushing my workout I decided to start assembling my squat stand and complete Phase 2 of the home gym build.

I went with the Rogue SML-2 with the single pull up bar for my choice. I went with this unit because I wanted to be able to do pullups and bench press and this stand can be upgraded to a half rack in the future or since Rogue holds its value so well I can sell this for a decent amount if I think I am in need of a full power rack in the future.

I thought about buying the hardware to bolt this thing to the platform but after reading review after review on how solid it was I decided against it figuring I could always order them in the future. I am glad I didn’t because once this thing was bolted together it is solid. I did some hanging and kipping on it and other than a little movement this thing is rock solid without the floor anchors.

I’ll probably do a full review on just the stand later so I’ll move on to the other parts of my purchase. The Rogue flat bench which is pretty versatile and will allow me to do bench press with the squat rack is looking to be a solid choice thus far. The other thing I purchased was an ab mat. This isn’t something I thought was a necessity but at less than $30 with free shipping I figured why not. Other than using it for ab exercises it makes a nice cushion for my head when I decide I want to do some handstand pushups.

All in all everything is fitting very nicely in the garage right now and I’m pretty happy with the progress. The only thing I am looking to do in the short term is add a couple more bumpers and some bands and I think I’ll be able to do about 90% of the workouts I want to get in.

So there is the garage gym thus far. Once I get some more time in here I plan on reviewing the heavy bag and the squat stand and posting those up. If you think I’m missing anything crucial let me know. I love seeing other folks garage gyms too so if you got a link pass it on.


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