Workout 08-13-17

I duplicated the thruster/triangle workout from the other day because I wasn’t happy with my effort. The main reason was I haven’t done barbell thrusters in a long time and underestimated how deceptively heavy things can get when you start getting in the 15+ rep range for time.

I did today with less weight and my effort and results felt much better. I also decided to do some hang snatch drills after watching this video from Juggernaut Training Systems.

This is honestly one of the best instructional videos on the snatch that I have seen. Just for background outside of some informal instruction with training partners I have never been coached or taught how to do any olympic lifts and have been completely self taught through practice and watching videos. That’s not to say I am any good, in fact I constantly watch videos to help improve my technique.

I started my snatch drills with snatch pulls and then onto the catch. Starting with PVC pipe I moved onto the barbell only at the end of the workout.


21-15-9 Barbell Thrusters/Triangle Drills

20 mins. – Snatch drills

3 Minute Rounds/30 second rest x 5 – Kick boxing


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