Training 08-10-17

I actually got to roll twice today. I jones a friend for an early morning no gi session where I really didn't feel on my game at all.

Tonight's fundamentals class was exciting as we had Tim Burke join us. Tim is a black belt in Judo and Jiu Jitsu and also trains BJJ. Tim is a public speaker, retiree Special Ops guy, and all around badass.

Tim is also filming a reality TV show and his television crew was setup to film our class. It is supposed to at on ABC sometime in the future so keep an eye out for me.

Today's class covered O Goshi and some of the variants such as harai Goshi and uki Goshi. I am glad my dojo has the soft springy floors we have cuz I took some had falls.

After class we all rolled for about an hour non stop. I had to leave cuz I work early tomorrow but most of the guys were still rolling along with the cameras when I left.

Hopefully they got my good side.


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