The Home Gym Build Part 1

This will probably be a multi-part long term chronicle but I thought I would give some background so that one day maybe I’ll look back on this and see how it all began.

I have wanted a home gym for a long time but my work has multiple gym facilities that I can use when I have the time and the gym I currently go to only charges me $25/month on a discounted rate so I really haven’t had the need. Recently my gym has downsized to half of its size and that has meant the weight training area and machines were reduced and they have had to move a lot of those machines into the crossfit area of the gym. Not only has this made it pretty crowded on the floor but it also makes me worried that my gym may not be around in the future.

The gyms at work are great but I start and end my shift from my house which means driving to work and then hitting the gym and then starting my shift is a lot less convenient. It was awesome when I had an office job and I worked out on my lunch break but that isn’t the case anymore.

So these two things have me on a quest to build a pretty epic home gym. A quest started from both convenience and circumstance. I have grand plans but a not so grand budget so this will likely take time. A nice bonus is that I will be building a home on some property I own in the next two years and this gym is being built with that new location in mind also.

I don’t have any specific goal but I am envious of some setups I have seen in my perusing of the internet.




I struck a fortunate windfall the other day when I saw my gym was getting rid of these really nice roll up mats. I have puzzle mats already but they are kind of a pain to put down and take up. I snagged these mats for free and all I had to do was roll them out in the Florida sun to dry them out from a night out in the rain.

They have much more support than the puzzle mats and ability to roll them up and store them makes them much more convenient.

My first purchase was this 130lb heavy bag from Outslayer. I also purchased a hanger and spring to hang from the ceiling in the garage. I never heard of Outslayer but this filled bag cost me less than $190 shipped on Amazon Prime. The reviews are outstanding and one of my training partners purchased this bag recently and has been raving about it.

Future plans include a barbell and some bumpers (very soon) and then a power rack of some sort. I’ll also be looking for some dumbbells and kettle bells to add to the mix and eventually a rower or assault bike to round things out.

If anyone out there has there own setup or any ideas on essential equipment I’m interested to know.


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