Workout 07-11-17


-2 Mile Run (fasted cardio)

I hate running but I do it anyways. I work long hours with a pretty physically demanding job that requires me to be out in the Florida sun during the hottest part of the day. 

With that in mind my workouts have to be light but still worth it for me to get up out of bed and get a sweat on but not so much that I’m sore and unable to work my 12+ hour shifts. 

What I have been doing lately is running in the morning before work and saving my MMA/BJJ and weight workouts for my days off. 

Also what has helped is setting my running goal the night before so when I wake up I know exactly what I need to accomplish. My goals are either set by time or distance. Today was simple: run 2 miles. By the way did I mention I hate running? 


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