Training 07-06-17

Fundamentals class today. I almost didn’t go but I knew I would regret that so I went and like always, had a good time.

I must not be very intimidating cuz when it’s time to partner up somehow I always get one of the newbies wanting to team up with me. Today was a guy attending his third class. The techniques today were O-Soto Gari and the single leg stack pass with a breadcutter finish or banana split. 

I like to think I don’t have much of an ego when it comes to grappling but I have to admit, when the guy with 3 classes under his belt started to critique me and offer his advice on how to make my technique better I wanted to let him know what I really thought. But instead I just nodded and said okay and continued drilling slow and methodically while trying to help him do the basic movements correctly when it was his turn. Also of note I couldn’t really get very good reps in due to the fact he was tapping from the stacking and even tapped while I knee sliced to get into position. 

I have not forgotten what it was like to be the new guy so I’m usually very lenient and helpful with the new folks while also keeping the thought in the back of my head that 95% of them won’t stick around long enough to get a few stripes on their white belt. 


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