Motivation Monday 07-31-17


Training 07-27-17

Fundamentals tonight covered O Goshi (my favorite throw) and scarf hold escapes.

I was the only non white belt in class other than the professor and even after all these years it still feels odd to be the highest belt in line.

Workout 07-25-17

Shortened break period today to get one in.


Alternating DB curls 3×10
Seated preacher curls 3×10
90 degree plate hold (3 walks around gym)
Barbell shrugs/Alternating DB Hammer curls 3×10
DB Shrugs 3×10

Workout 07-24-17

I focused on legs today and I thought that starting with some light back squats and increasing to heavy would be enough of a warm up for me but I was sadly mistaken. Never underestimate the importance of a good warm up and stretch as I found my quads seizing up on me mid lunge and had to hit the exercise bike for a few minutes to get things back to normal.


Back squats 10/8/5/8/10
Walking lunges with sandbag 3×16 (8 each leg)

Concept 2 Row – 500/400/300/200/100 (30 second rest between intervals)

Workout 07-21-17

I underestimated how hot it would be today as I headed out for a quick run before driving down to see my mom for her birthday. 

The black asphalt I run on amplified the mid 90 heat and humidity and I set out for a 2 mile fasted run and settled for a 1.5 mile and half mile cool down. 

I shared the shade of a tree with a couple of our neighborhood cranes afterwards. 


1.5 mile run