Workout 06-22-17

Workout today as a 1 mile run and then a 2 mile hike. I’m in California where you randomly find avocados on the sidewalk and everyone is freaking about about a heat wave that wil see temps in the upper 90s this week….rookies. I’m from Florida. 

What I’m never prepared for when I come out here are the hills. We just don’t have this where I’m from. Also sad to see the creeks and ponds I used to run around have all been dried up and reclaimed by nature. It’s said because they used to be a nice feature to run around and I would occasionally go fishing in the pond. 

Training 06-19-17

Had some time this morning to get in some early morning rolls. It was a good session lasting about an hours and a half. Afterwards I taught a female officer self defense class and the women in the class outstanding. Hopefully I’ve convinced a few of them to start training somewhere regularly. 

Training 06-15-17

Kickboxing class today followed by BJJ fundamentals. It was actually a pretty full house with some visitors today. 

My boxing is improving but some medical issues are affecting my cardio and that has been affecting my BJJ which is not making me very happy. 

Fundamentals today covered double leg takedown and mount escapes. I was fortunate to partner up with a very large white belt. Being a smaller person I try to find larger individuals to still moun escapes against since they are usually the most difficult to be against.