Motivation Monday 05-29-17


Training 05-25-17

Fundamentals class followed by open mat. There seemed to be an ideal proportion of upper belts to white belts so I partnered up with one of my favorite brown belts and since we were drilling the same series we did on Tuesday we decide to play around with some of the positions. Somehow we both landed at the same conclusion that a 10 finger guillotine would be a great alternative from one of the failed sweeps and then the options of what to do if the guillotine attempt failed seemed as unlimited as our own creativity. 

Creativity is another aspect that keeps me hooked to BJJ after all these years. It is truly an art that allows the practitioner to be express themselves through their movements.

Training 05-23-17

I hit up both fundamentals and advanced class tonight. Its crazy to think how far I have come in my BJJ journey. We had a white belt taking his 3rd or 4th class stick around for advanced class tonight. In fundamentals we worked a drill series Closed Guard -> Sit up sweep -> Kimura  & Guillotine.


All of these movements were new to him and since we had such a small group tonight we invited him to stay for the advance class to keep working those moves. We spent the last 40 minutes of advanced class just rolling 4 minute rounds. Our newbie was brave enough to give rolling a go and we told him noone would submit him but to go ahead and try the moves he just learned if he got the opportunity.

Even though he was young (20ish), strong, and appeared to be in pretty decent shape…he struggled to get through 4 mins of rolls. Eventually he took the 1 round in – 1 round off approach and looking around the room he told me before one of our rolls that he could not fathom how we all had any gas in our tanks.

What I told him is similar to how I feel about fitness in general, what he is seeing is a people that have been working on this reguarly for several years and have grown accustomed to being able to work. What he is not seeing is the struggle that each of us had to endure, exactly how he is struggling now. It is crazy to think that he will be able to achieve the same level as us in a few classes just as it would be crazy to think that you could get that perfect body in just a few weeks.

His biggest concern was his cardio. I told him fight cardio is much different than cardio, it involves knowing when to rest, when to explode, and how to conserve energy. It is not as simple as going out and running wind sprints and tabata intervals to improve the cardio on the mat. BJJ requires you to use all of your muscles, most importantly your brain, in order to survive and thrive.

I think this is what has kept my interest and fueled my desire to get better over the years.


Training 05-19-17

 No gi training tonight. I always love training no gi and our fridays lately have been non stop rolls. Tonight we skipped the usual GB warmup and went into flow rolls, positional drilling, and then round robin rolls. 

My cardio is slowly starting to come back and today I was able to hang cardio wise the whole time. 

Training 05-18-17

Fundamentals class tonight was not so fundamental. Since the group was mostly experienced we covered some different attacks on a turtled opponent. Lapel choke, a variation of the choke, and a clock choke were worked today. Afterwards the open mat was pretty lively and I got hammered by some upper belts but I did get to work plenty of defense and escapes. 

Training 05-17-17

BJJ class and then some time at the gym for some bag work and lifting. 

BJJ was some inverted De La Riva guard sweeps which were pretty legit.

Workout was fun as I just realized my gym has a ski erg machine which was fun to play with. I also spent some time on the bag working on my technique.