Workout 04-27-17

I realized it’s been awhile since I posted any weight training. I’ve been really slacking in hitting the weights lately because of how busy I have been, nagging injuries, [insert excuse here]…. but it was good to get in on my lunch break today for a quick arm workout.


Narrow Grip EZ Bar Curl 3×10
Alternating DB Curl 3×10
Tricep Rope Pull Down 3×10
Alternating DB Hammer Curls 3×10


50-40-30-20-10 Cal Row/
10-20-30-40-50 Box Jumps


Training 04-26-17

So yesterday I got almost no sleep after being up for 24 hours straight. That turned into a lethargic day where I ended up sleeping late in the afternoon and missing class.

Today I was determined not to let that happen. I made it to kids class to help coach and then adult class covered firemans carry then firemans carry transition to arm bar and then a slick firemans carry transition to darce choke. 

I really enjoyed the flow of the transitions and wouldn’t you know I had the opportunity to hit it during end of the class rolls.

Training 04-20-17

Fundamentals class tonight was filled with new white belts which was awesome. It’s always strange being the highest belt in the room except for the professor. 

Fundamentals worked the double leg entry and then some side control basics. Getting into 100 kilo and then an arm bar. I was able to work with a guy taking his 4th class and he was really eager to get to the final step. Which meant slowing him down and making him see the importance of all the adjustments between step 1 and the end. 

Training 04-19-17

Class today involved a variation of Kouchi Gari for the takedown and then some sneaky arm lock set ups from side control. 

Had a bit of a milestone today as I was able to get my first legitimate submission from one of our most advanced brown belts. He has been a brown belt since I started training here 4 years ago and tonight I was able to catch him in a toe hold. Even he acknowledged the milestone by letting me know it was a good submission and he didn’t see it coming. He also took note that he thinks that was he first time I have submitted him. 

Training 04-14-17


No-gi night tonight, which happens to be my favorite night of training. Lately our no-gi classes have stepped up in intensity and it has really benefited my training. We have normally been starting with a couple rounds of flow rolls and then a few rounds of drills. After that we will do either shark bait or round robin rolls until well after class time ends. My endurance has really been tested and I really need that right now.

I sprained my ankle at work a few days ago so I took it a little easy on the rolls tonight. On a side bonus I got a friend from work to come visit finally and her son tried his first class and loved it.

Training 04-11-2017



Tuesday nigh fundamentals and then advanced class. Fundamentals class covered single leg takedowns and opening the closed guard. I love fundamentals because you can never train the basics enough.

Advanced class involved defeating spider guard and a modified double leg takedown. After drilling we all spent several rounds rolling. After catching a couple purples in some submissions and working one of our brown belts to top position I was feeling pretty good. My cardio was hanging in there and I was really moving around well. Then a visiting black belt slapped hands with me and proceeded to toss me around. It quickly brought me back down to reality.