Jump Rope Workouts


If you haven’t seen the movie Creed by now, you should. It’s a great movie and in typical Rocky fashion showcases a story of succeeding despite humble beginnings. There is a scene in the movie where Rocky has Creed doing jump rope for training. Creed makes a face about having to jump rope and in the beginning he isn’t very good at it. As his training progresses and he becomes a better fighter so does his skills and ability with the jump rope. Why was the jump rope so important to his training? Because it works.


If you think of a good boxing/MMA movie there is probably a training montage at some point, and during that montage there is probably a jump rope scene. This is because jumping rope is  mainstay for conditioning and fat burning. Not only are they effective but they are cheap. All of the great boxers and fighters used jump rope to help with their training.


Which brings me to my point. The jump rope might be the cheapest, best piece of equipment that you are not using to help improve your cardio and get fit. Personally, I don’t use it enough, but I try to get in a jump rope circuit or workout as often as I can. Don’t know how to use it as a workout? If your a beginner simply set a timer and start jumping rope till the timer goes off. I prefer 5 minute rounds to simulate match conditions but you may want to start smaller and then move up. I normally do 1 minute of rest and then another 5 minute round. I’ll try to hit 3-5 rounds total and trust me you will be exhausted when it’s over.

If you are looking for something a little more advance try doing the round with double-unders or try criss-crossing the rope (I can’t do that).

My personal favorite way to incorporate jump rope is as a warm up or conditioning circuit after weight training. If warming up I’ll just set the clock for 10 minutes and jump rope to get my body moving and blood pumping. Here is an example of a circuit I just did with the jump rope:

3-5 Rounds (no rest) of;

2 Minute Jump Rope
25 Wrestler Sit-Outs (each side)
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 Push Ups
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 KB Swings
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 Wide Push Ups
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 EZ Bar Curls

Here are some other ideas to implement:

Crossfit – “Annie”

50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

CrossFit Canadian Regionals Workout #4

50-40-30-20 of:

Here are some other great sites with jump rope workout ideas:

Mens Journal – 7 Jump Rope Workouts to Blast Fat and Get Fit

Expert Boxing – Jump Rope Training Guide


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