Training 03-17-17

I think the common theme amongst all BJJ black belts is they have all developed their “thing”. Through the years of experience and training they become a subject matter expert in an area of BJJ. This may be a certain choke, guard, or position. If you want to know about lapel chokes I know a black belt for that. Half guard….I know a guy. Spider guard….we got one of those too. My professor’a specialty happens to be knee on belly and lasso.
Knee on Belly by itself is already a pretty emasculating position to be stuck in. But the worst is having a guy on you so heavy and basically breakdancing on your stomach at will and you can’t get him off, get out, and all you want to do is tap. 

Tonight we worked knee on belly drills and transitions. It was a good class and I took the time to ask questions and really fine tune my ability to ride out the attempts to defeat the position and then transition into a tight arm bar. 


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