Jump Rope Workouts


If you haven’t seen the movie Creed by now, you should. It’s a great movie and in typical Rocky fashion showcases a story of succeeding despite humble beginnings. There is a scene in the movie where Rocky has Creed doing jump rope for training. Creed makes a face about having to jump rope and in the beginning he isn’t very good at it. As his training progresses and he becomes a better fighter so does his skills and ability with the jump rope. Why was the jump rope so important to his training? Because it works.


If you think of a good boxing/MMA movie there is probably a training montage at some point, and during that montage there is probably a jump rope scene. This is because jumping rope is  mainstay for conditioning and fat burning. Not only are they effective but they are cheap. All of the great boxers and fighters used jump rope to help with their training.


Which brings me to my point. The jump rope might be the cheapest, best piece of equipment that you are not using to help improve your cardio and get fit. Personally, I don’t use it enough, but I try to get in a jump rope circuit or workout as often as I can. Don’t know how to use it as a workout? If your a beginner simply set a timer and start jumping rope till the timer goes off. I prefer 5 minute rounds to simulate match conditions but you may want to start smaller and then move up. I normally do 1 minute of rest and then another 5 minute round. I’ll try to hit 3-5 rounds total and trust me you will be exhausted when it’s over.

If you are looking for something a little more advance try doing the round with double-unders or try criss-crossing the rope (I can’t do that).

My personal favorite way to incorporate jump rope is as a warm up or conditioning circuit after weight training. If warming up I’ll just set the clock for 10 minutes and jump rope to get my body moving and blood pumping. Here is an example of a circuit I just did with the jump rope:

3-5 Rounds (no rest) of;

2 Minute Jump Rope
25 Wrestler Sit-Outs (each side)
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 Push Ups
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 KB Swings
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 Wide Push Ups
2 Minute Jump Rope
25 EZ Bar Curls

Here are some other ideas to implement:

Crossfit – “Annie”

50-40-30-20 and 10 rep rounds of:

CrossFit Canadian Regionals Workout #4

50-40-30-20 of:

Here are some other great sites with jump rope workout ideas:

Mens Journal – 7 Jump Rope Workouts to Blast Fat and Get Fit

Expert Boxing – Jump Rope Training Guide


Training 03-29-17

It’s been a rough week for me and my family and the work schedule certainly wasn’t helping lately. I made it a point to bring my gi and head straight to BJJ after work. I glad I did as it was stripe night for my kids and the advanced class was packed with a few visitors. 

Techniques taught today were lasso guard sweeps. Lasso guard is not really my thing but I was doing pretty good in drilling until we got to the lasso guard to triangle. That one befuddled me and I kept turning it into an omoplata. 

Training 03-28-17

A crazy long night/day for me. By the time everything is said and done I will have worked 25 hours in 2 days and have been awake for at least 36 straight hours..I decided to make the most of it and meet an old friend for a no gi session at 6am before I had to teach a class. 

This particular friend was actually responsible for getting me into BJJ nearly 4 years ago. He’s about my size but physically stronger than me. In the beginning of my BJJ journey I was shark bait to him. But where I continued to train non stop he stopped training shortly after I began. 

It was interesting to see how I completely neutralized all of his strength with technique and essentially placed him on the defensive. He told me afterwards that he felt like the shark bait now. 

Review – Halo Top Ice Cream

A friend of mine turned me onto Halo Top ice cream recently and I was raving about it to some folks at the gym and I was surprised that they hadn’t heard of it before. Halo Top burst onto the scene last year and it’s promise of low calorie/carb ice cream that contains a bit of protein seems like the stuff dreams are made of. In fact a writer from GQ magazine went on a “Halo Top” diet and lost weight. Others have also tried a “Halo Top Diet” with varied results.

Halo Tops aren’t centered around a fad diet however. What they do promise is a better alternative for ice cream. My dietary kryptonite is probably ice cream. I can go without beer, fast food, and even pizza for long stretches of time just fine. But invite me over and offer me anything other than plain vanilla ice cream and I fold like a cheap deck of cards. As you can imagine when I first heard of Halo Top is sounded too good to be true and I was skeptical.


So how was it? Well upon hearing the gospel of Halo Top at the gym I went to my nearest grocery store and purchased one of every flavor they had. Chocolate, Mint Chip, Birthday Cake, and Strawberry. That night I devoured an entire pint of Mint Chip for the purposes of research and have eaten each flavor since then. Flavor wise mint chip was a little disappointing…plus I prefer my mint chip with that totally fake green color. Strawberry however was fantastic and actual organic strawberries are used as an ingredient.

So whats the scoop? I’ve tried other so-called “healthier” ice creams before and they were pretty disappointing. Many just tasted like watered down ice cream or had some weird artificial sweetener aftertaste. I’m happy to report that Halo Top has none of this. It tastes like real ice cream. And it really is lower in carbs and calories than regular ice cream. An entire pint only has 240 – 360 calories depending on the flavor. For comparison, that’s ¼ of a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and ⅕ of Häagen-Dazs. Halo Top also has ⅙ the fat and carbs and 25% more protein than typical ice cream. I keep eating it and hoping I’m not some schmuck with the wool pulled over my eyes like in that non-fat yogurt episode of Seinfeld.


The best part about Halo Top is….it tastes like ice cream. It doesn’t taste like diet ice cream. It tastes like real ice cream. The only difference I could tell from Halo Top and regular ice cream is the texture. It’s not vastly different but it’s also not the same creamy texture of standard ice cream. I found that this varied with some of the flavors, strawberry had a creamier texture than mint chip did. I would describe the texture as similar to the type of snow that falls but isn’t good for making snow balls. But if I wasn’t looking for something to differentiate it from regular ice cream I may not have even noticed this at all.

So what makes Halo Top the holy grail (thus far) of desserts? It’s the ingredients, As an example: Milk and cream, eggs, erythritol, prebiotic fiber, milk protein concentrate, white chocolate chips (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, milk proteins, lactose, soy lecithin), organic cane sugar, vegetable glycerin, sea salt, natural flavors, organic carob gum, organic guar gum, organic stevia.


So…not exactly paleo in case you were wondering. Essentially Halo Top is able to produce low calorie and carb numbers because it weighs less than the regular ice cream, hence the lack of “creaminess”. This is achieved by fluffing up the product with carob gum, guar gum and even vegetable glycerin. Eggs, milk, and milk proteins provide the protein in the ice cream much like how they would be added to protein bar ingredients.

The biggest issues with the ingredients is the use of artificial sweeteners such as stevia and erythritol which can cause digestive issues, particularly in high amounts. Also Halo Top doesn’t specify whether the erythritol they use is non-GMO or not.


So whats the bottom line? It’s not Paleo friendly and I certainly wouldn’t recommend a Halo Top diet, however this stuff is fantastic and it has replaced regular ice cream as my guilty pleasure. Also I can feel less guilty about it. Other ice creams may boast about lower calories, however they always list it per serving…Halo Tops proudly proclaims the calorie count for an entire pint on the outside of their box. Because in reality…who doesn’t finish a pint of ice cream after opening it?

If you find these in your grocery store definitely check them out. You can see where they are available by checking here. And if there is none being sold near you, you can always order some from Ice Cream Source and have it shipped directly to you. Unfortunately my local area only stocks a few of the flavors so there are many that I have been dying to try but haven’t been able to (lookin at you chocolate mocha chip) so availability may be an issue.

I was in no way compensated or provided any products for this review…however I’m not opposed to free products so if you want to send me some, or if Halo Top is reading this and wants to send some ice cream my way I would be glad to do a part 2. 



Training 03-17-17

I think the common theme amongst all BJJ black belts is they have all developed their “thing”. Through the years of experience and training they become a subject matter expert in an area of BJJ. This may be a certain choke, guard, or position. If you want to know about lapel chokes I know a black belt for that. Half guard….I know a guy. Spider guard….we got one of those too. My professor’a specialty happens to be knee on belly and lasso.
Knee on Belly by itself is already a pretty emasculating position to be stuck in. But the worst is having a guy on you so heavy and basically breakdancing on your stomach at will and you can’t get him off, get out, and all you want to do is tap. 

Tonight we worked knee on belly drills and transitions. It was a good class and I took the time to ask questions and really fine tune my ability to ride out the attempts to defeat the position and then transition into a tight arm bar.