Motivation Monday 02-27-17


Training 02-23-17

Went to lunch BJJ today and one of our white belts is competing in his first tournament this weekend. So we spent the class covering some takedowns and working some strategy. One of the purple belts wanted to learn a wrestling lateral drop so I had to reach way back in the memory banks to show him the move.

Afterwards it was a quick chest workout And then some rounds on the heavy bags. I’ve been working on my form and technique and video taped my last couple rounds to send to a friend to check my form. 

I’ve been working on keeping my hands up to protect my pretty face while striking but have developed a habit of dropping my head forward when throwing the cross. It’s something I wouldn’t have noticed if I wasn’t watch myself. I would encourage you to film yourself lifting, boxing, grappling for the purpose of checking your own form…and also you might get some cool pics out of it. 

Training 02-15-17

No-Gi training tonight. I took a break from work to come roll. There were some high level guys there and I found a bit of solace in the fact that I didn’t get submitted for some of the rounds. The training was round robin grappling for an entire hour. 

As I watched two senior brown belts go against each other, two brown belts that have never met before today mind you, I felt like I was watching two manimals (part man-part animal) going at it. It was a beautiful display of effort, techique, and strategy all working to a stalemate between two styles (big and powerful vs long and lanky) and it was a level of expertise I hope that I can display one day. 

Training 02-14-17

Fundamentals class today. We covered a defense to a football tackle like attack (or poor double leg takedown) and then moved onto triangle from closed guard. Triangle has never been my thing. My short stocky legs just weren’t built for throwing triangles. In fact, as long as Ives don’t BJJ I have never submitted someone (except my kids) with a triangle choke in love rolling….not even the white belts. I know how to do it and I know the small adjustments I need to make but it always seems easier to go to a higher percentage move rather than struggle with throwing my sausage legs around someone’s shoulders and neck. 

On a side note I have been drinking acai juice for almost a whole week and have not noticed any improvement in my jiu jitsu as a result….superfruit my ass. 

Sick Day 02-09-17

I don’t get sick often but when I do….watch out. The worst part about being sick right now is it started on day off! Sometimes if I didn’t have bad luck I would have no luck at all. 

Some rules I have for getting over being sick…during lots of fluids, rest, and stay away from the gym and BJJ so you don’t get others sick!