Getting Out of a Rut

I have a confession…for the last few months I have been in sort of a rut. It started with a very personal loss in our family. That loss put some things on hold for me and my family and slowly what was on hold became lost altogether.



To put it bluntly I was stuck in a rut. Physically and mentally I was just kind of stuck.

I was explaining my situation to a friend who said something that made perfect sense to me.

“Sometimes we get stuck in a rut for so long that we start to see the sides as our horizon”

I sat on that thought for a while and looked back at how feeling down had affected my habits and well being. I thought I would need something to help snap me out of this funk and get everything back on track.
For me it started with an apple..

ripe red apple with green leaf isolated on white

After a week or two of eating junk and crap that made me feel better emotionally and didn’t require much effort to make….or order. I decided I couldn’t keep on like that or I would end up sliding down a slippery slope. In the short term it felt good to have easy comfort food and sleep in but long term it was sapping my energy.

So one day on my way out to work I realized that I was hungry and needed a snack. I saw a red apple sitting on our counter and I grabbed for that instead of grabbing for a bag of chips or something else that was handy.

I don’t know what it was but biting into that apple was an instant reminder of how good I used to feel. It is hard to regain momentum when we let ourselves come to a stop. Newton’s Law tells us a body in motion tends to stay in motion and vice versa. That apple led to more conscious healthy decisions.


Sometimes its  a comment, movie, person, or even an article that give us that little push. For me it was a simple apple. It was the catalyst that got that initial push to get my mojo in motion. Because just as a body in motion tends to stays in motion, a boy at rest will tend to stay at rest.



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