Rest Day 01-30-17

Worked until 6am and then slept hard until 1130. I have to work again overnight tonight so I took the time today to go grocery shopping and take it easy before  having to head back to work. 

I did manage to pick up 2lbs of grass fed beef at the store and used that to make some killer burgers tonight. Combined with some garlic smashed potatoes and dinner was a hit with the kids too. 


Training 01-27-17

Worked all day today and then went to no gi class afterward. Small class today but I had a friend come visit. Maybe it was rolling straight in after a long workday but I felt sluggish and I couldn’t get anything going during live rolling.

 It also might have been that I haven’t rolled no gi in a couple weeks too. Either way I’m still glad I made it in since we learned a half guard pass that opens into a knee bar that I think will come in very handy in the future. 

Workout 01-26-17

Made it to the work gym today. Looks like they rearranged some of the equipment since the last time I was here. Decided to work on my back strength today



DB Back Row 3×12
Mid Row 3×10
Seated Cable Row 3×10
Iso Low Row 3×10
Rogue T-Bar Rows 3×8
GHD Back Extension 3×10

After the back workout I hit the mat room to work on the double leg takedown technique and for a cool down.


Workout 01-25-17

Had a productive day so far. Made it to lunch BJJ class where we actually had a decent turn out (for lunch class). Then made it to the gym for a quick workout before having to leave to run errands and pick up groceries. I was so busy I didn’t realize I was hungry until I was really hungry. 

Luckily some leftover chicken and a ready made salad mix held me over. 


Bench Press 3×10 warmup/5×5

Incline Bench Press 3×8

Cable Chest Fly 3×10

Link: You are Flawed. And So Are Your Heroes

There is a very insightful post from Steve Kamb of NerdFitness posted recently. The post deals with how many of us put our heroes (fictional or non-fictional) on pedestals and don’t see them for the flawed human beings that they are. This is especially true in the age of fitness celebrities and social media. Our view of them is through highly filtered images, with the right pose, makeup, and perfect caption. This is just a snapshot of one moment of their lives and does not represent the whole of their parts. These people have flaws, bad habits, and weaknesses just like us.


Reading this article reminded me of watching a daytime talk show many years ago (I think I was home sick from school) and their was a celebrity doing a phone interview (Jamie Foxx maybe??). The celebrity sounded awful and the interviewer asked them if they were okay and the celebrity told them and the audience that they were sick and currently on the toilet fighting a massive bout of diarrhea. The celebrity then said…yes even movie stars have diarrhea. For some reason that memory just kind of stuck with me.

I think the most important part of Kamb’s article was the section on Shame vs Guilt.

Whatever has happened to you in the past; whether it was something you did or something that was done to you, please understand the difference between guilt and shame – apply your thoughts to the action, not your identity:

“I ate an entire pizza today and sabotaged my diet this weekend. I am a failure and a waste of space.” = shame. Not healthy.

“I ate an entire pizza today and sabotaged my diet this weekend. I can’t believe I did that. That was stupid of me.” = guilt. Healthy (though still painful).

Guilt can be constructive and uncomfortable, while shame can be destructive and cause us serious damage.

Check out the article in its entirety here:

You are Flawed and So Are Your Heroes