6 Tips To Stay On Your Diet Wherever You Are

I’m not a frequent traveler but I do find myself traveling either with family or for work a few times a year. In fact I am traveling now visiting family for the holidays all the way across the country.

FitnessRX posted an article with 6 tips to stay on your diet while traveling.


Tip #1 – Be Flexible

Tip #2 – Plan Ahead

Tip #3 – Don’t be Afraid of Eating Out

Tip #4 – Bring Your Own Food

Tip #5 – Be Mindful

Tip #6 – Give Yourself a Break

You can read the article in it’s entirety here

6 Tips To Stay On Your Diet Wherever You Are

I think the best advice among these tips is to give yourself a break. This does not matter if you are a frequent or infrequent traveler. None of us are perfect and being away from home somewhat places the odds not in our favor. If you eat something you probably shouldn’t or indulge a bit just remember…that one decision is not going to nutritionally ruin your day or night so don’t let it mentally. Too often I see others or even myself indulge at breakfast and then treat the rest of the day as if it’s already shot. Next thing you know the entire day turns into an entire week and then an entire trip of nutritional regret and instead of feeling great about the vacation we come back feeling worse about how we let ourselves go and feeling as if we need to “buckle down” and deprive ourselves for a length of time to make up for it.



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