FitAid Review

So I guess I should start with a disclaimer***

I was not provided any compensation or free products to conduct this review…however if someone would like to provide me with some…I’m not opposed to bribery and flattery =)

I’m not a crossfitter, however I do workout at a gym with a crossfit program, but I have never attended a crossfit class in my life. I do admire those that do and those that compete and if you have been anywhere near the sport of crossfit you likely have seen some advertisement for FitAid. I was curious a few months ago and I used a coupon code to get 2 free cans. Now 2 cans is just enough to let me know that it tastes pretty good but not much else beyond that.

I am a big fan of Aminos/BCAA recovery drinks and have been a user of BSN AminoX for a long time. I believe that my routine of AminoX following BJJ or a workout has helped lessen the soreness that normally follows hard workouts and also has all but eliminated some of the post workout headaches I was getting.

So last month I bit the bullet and bought 2 cases of FitAid along with their sampler pack to try the other flavors. I won’t comment on the other varieties that LifeAid produces (Golfer Aid, Travel Aid, Party Aid, etc..), however; I will tell you that they all have their own unique flavors and FitAid is by far my favorite.

Which brings me to my first point..taste. The beverage tastes pretty good…actually it tastes great. It is similar to a lightly carbonated pineapple juice. This is a good thing because if it didn’t taste good I just wouldn’t drink it.

FitAid claims to be the perfect pre and post workout drink. From the website: “FitAID is the perfect pre and post workout supplement product. If you are dragging pre workout: FitAID contains B complex, Green Tea Leaf extract, and Quercetin for a natural pick me up without getting you all jittery. If you are looking for recovery after your workout: FitAID has branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), L-Glutamine, L-Arginine, Vitamins C & D3, Glucosamine, Turmeric, CoQ10, and raw organic agave to accommodate the glycogen window and provide your body with a complete and clean recovery.”

So did it work? I would have to say that yes FitAid did provide me with some recovery benefits. I drank FitAid following my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes which are typically very hard and intense. While FitAid claims it is not an energy drink I found my energy levels following training to pick up a bit. I also enjoyed the carbonation provided by the beverage.


FitAid contains a ton of vitamins and minerals, along with some extracts and other nutrients. As you can see from the nutritional info the drink is packed with B vitamins and is relatively low in carbs and sugar.

So it sounds like the perfect beverage…whats the downside? Well there were two major downsides for me, ones that may keep me from regularly consuming FitAid. First is the cost. Even with the coupon code I found on the internet, buying FitAid by the case still comes out to around $2.50 a can. Compare this to BSN AminoX (powdered) at approximately $0.57 a serving. Of course with FitAid being in a ready-to-drink medium one can expect it to cost a  bit more. Fitaid is best consumed chilled, it even says so on the can. This leads to the second downside, with powdered BCAAs,  you can throw the powder in a blender bottle and leave it in your gym bag until it is ready to be mixed and consumed. FitAid is not the type of drink you want to leave in your gym bag all day. And if you plan on swinging by your gym or local GNC to purchase it cold, be prepared to pay alot more than the $2.50/can. I found FitAid at my local GNC in the refrigerated section for $3.59/can and my gym sells them for $3.00/can. If you train as much as I do that would require a hefty daily budget.

Overall the drink is great if you can afford it. At the very least it is a great treat after a hard workout and I can honestly say I looked forward to drinking a nice cold FitAid after training. Also as a side benefit it helped curb some of my soda cravings as the carbonated nature of the drink seemed to take the place of my occasional soda craving. Also if you are following  a paleo diet, FitAid claims to be Paleo friendly.




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