Training 12-01-16


Today I got in 2 BJJ sessions. Both were fundamentals class but one thing I have noticed that makes a big difference between high level guys and regular guys in BJJ is that the high level guys have their fundamentals down so well that it doesn’t require any thought. Opening guard, passing guard, posture, positions all are natural and strong for them. Us regular guys know a few, good at some, but we have to think about these things as we do them and that puts us already behind when going against higher level grapplers.

Today’s classes were great because we covered bow and arrow chokes and several variations and in the night class we worked basic armbar, armbar sweep, and pendelum sweep. I thought I had a good grasp on all of these things but I partnered up with a rather large guy and I found that with my short stocky legs and his large torso, I really had to have my technique on point in order to make it work.


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