Workout 12-31-16

Went for a hike with the family today. It’s our last day in California and I took the opportunity to scale some heights that we just don’t have in Florida. 


Getting Past Our Failures

We all make mistakes. We all fail from time to time. It is how we face those mistakes and overcome that will define us. For some of us 2016 started with such enthusiasm and possibilities and as the year wore on we allowed our shortcomings and failures to define us and our year.


Last night Rhonda Rousey lost her bout against Amanda Nunes in embarrassing fashion. The internet has been filled with spiteful messages, memes, and other imagery that try to define her by this and her last loss.


Nevermind the fact that the vast majority of these keyboard warriors would piss themselves if they were locked in an octagon with Rousey, but many of them have either forgotten or are too new to realize that Rousey was responsible for putting women’s MMA on the map. She has only lost 2 fights in her entire career and she has managed to grow her brand well beyond the UFC.

It is not our mistakes that define who we are; it is how we recover from those mistakes.
 -Bo Bennett

If Rhonda chooses to move on from fighting to Hollywood full-time, years from now she will be remembered as a pioneer of women’s MMA and a movie-star. While the pain of the loss may sting now and in the short term it will be a constant reminder. She will move on and carry on.


So if you are looking back on your 2016 as a year or broken promises to yourself and missed opportunities, here are some tips to help you move on to 2017.

1.Forgive yourself – None of us are perfect and we as human beings tend to see the faults in ourselves first. Realize that this is not how most people on the outside see us. We will fall and we will fail. Realize this, forgive yourself, and vow to do better moving forward.

2. Learn from the failure – There is a saying in Jiu Jitsu, you either win or you learn. There is no losing, only learning and discovery. Don’t dwell on your mistake. I train new cops and I tell them all the time, “make new mistakes”. When you make a mistake, analyze it and figure out how not to repeat it. But don’t beat yourself up because you failed in a new way.

3. Celebrate the small wins – Even when we fail, there is always a silver lining if we look hard enough. Failed at your weight loss goal….Did you lose any pounds? Did you have a streak of healthy eating or working out? I failed at my overall weight loss goal for 2016, however I don’t look upon it with regret, I didn’t gain any weight, was able to cut and make a lower weight class for two BJJ tournaments, ran a few 5k races, and have led a generally healthy lifestyle for the last couple years.



6 Tips To Stay On Your Diet Wherever You Are

I’m not a frequent traveler but I do find myself traveling either with family or for work a few times a year. In fact I am traveling now visiting family for the holidays all the way across the country.

FitnessRX posted an article with 6 tips to stay on your diet while traveling.


Tip #1 – Be Flexible

Tip #2 – Plan Ahead

Tip #3 – Don’t be Afraid of Eating Out

Tip #4 – Bring Your Own Food

Tip #5 – Be Mindful

Tip #6 – Give Yourself a Break

You can read the article in it’s entirety here

6 Tips To Stay On Your Diet Wherever You Are

I think the best advice among these tips is to give yourself a break. This does not matter if you are a frequent or infrequent traveler. None of us are perfect and being away from home somewhat places the odds not in our favor. If you eat something you probably shouldn’t or indulge a bit just remember…that one decision is not going to nutritionally ruin your day or night so don’t let it mentally. Too often I see others or even myself indulge at breakfast and then treat the rest of the day as if it’s already shot. Next thing you know the entire day turns into an entire week and then an entire trip of nutritional regret and instead of feeling great about the vacation we come back feeling worse about how we let ourselves go and feeling as if we need to “buckle down” and deprive ourselves for a length of time to make up for it.


The Role of Fighting in a Primal Life

I’m an avid practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and also train in MMA. I have previously wrestled and trained in Tae Kwon Do. I believe that consistently training, particularly in BJJ helps keep me healthy, strong, and keeps my mind sharp. There is a certain amount of stress release that comes with testing yourself against a fully resisting opponent. My kids both train BJJ and I have seen huge improvements to their confidence and self esteem from training.


While browsing through some of the archived articles on Mark’s Daily Apple I uncovered this great article on the importance of fighting in a healthy lifestyle.

The Role of Fighting in a Primal Life



Home sick with a pretty terrible migraine. Last night I left work early cuz I was nauseous and sensitive to light. 

Lucky for me A Season With the FSU Seminoles is on. Jimbo Fisher is an inspiring coach especially when dealing with the dissapointing losses.