Motivation Monday 11-28-16

I think there is a lot of truth in this. I know that for a long time I thought I needed to get in better shape before I started going to the gym. 


Workout 11-23-16

Trained BJJ today with the fundamentals class. 6 of us total which is large for a lunch time fundamentals class. Afterwards I headed to the gym for a quick workout. I spent a lot of time on the bench doing a pyramid set going up to early my 1 rep max. I finished with some light incline bench reps. 

Clermont Clay 5K – 11-20-16

I had to work last night and I signed up for a 5K months ago that I wasn’t about to no-show. That meant 2 hours of sleep and then time to run. The run was on our local clay roads which are awesome for running an very scenic. The run wasnt timed, wasn’t crowded, and honestly was probably the most enjoyable 5K I have ever done. 

This was the view at 7am

And this was me after…no sleep, no coffee 

Spartan Race 11-13-16

So I made the trip to Boston for the weekend for a guys weekend to celebrate my friend’s upcoming wedding. 

One of the things he wanted to do was a Spartan Race at one of the coolest venues ever…Fenway Park. 

This is my first Spartan Race and some of the members of our team were in less than stellar shape. One of the guys jokingly asked if he could smoke a cigarette anywhere on the course (at least I think it was a joke).

The race did not dissapoint and the weather was perfect. If you are in shape and want to challenge yourself go for it. And if your not in shape go for it. It is a great experience and was challenging but approachable for all levels. The only obstacle I failed was the rope climb and I happily did my penalty burped since it was the last one to tackle.