Workout 10-17-16

Made some great chicken stir fry with rice noodles for meal prep. This is one of my favorite meals and the rice noodles are very easily digestible carbs that add some bulk to the vegetables and chicken.

Made it the gym today for a workout.


Bentover Wide Grip Barbell Row 3×10
Behind the Back Barbell Shrug 3×10
DB Shrugs 3×10
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 3×10
Close Grip Cable Row 3×10

I tried to get in a AMRAP workout afterwards but a combination of just getting back from vacation, skipping lunch, and probably a little bit of the heat meant I couldn’t fit in more than one round


25 Ball Slams
25 Calorie Row
25 Box Jumps
25 Hand Release Push Ups



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