Workout 10-31-16

My energy was low this morning but lucky for me I watched The CT Fletcher documentary on Netflix so I was mentally motivated to get in there. By the way it’s a little slow in areas but it is worth a watch just to hear his story. 


Bent over barbell row 3×10

Behind the back barbell shrugs 3×10

DB Shrugs 5×10

Lat pulldown 3×10

Seated cable row 3×10

Superset – 

200m row

10 – Scapular pull ups 
15 mins – Boxing/jump rope drills


Training 10-21-16

No-gi today. Jim Alers is a former UFC fighter that has come to our gym a few times to train and put on seminars. He’s a good guy and very humble and willing to roll with anyone. We worked some drills today and then worked on a north-south choke he showed us a few months back. Here is a video of him demonstrating it for a seminar.

Workout 10-21-16

Shoulders were blasted today.


Supserset 3×10

DB Alternating Front Lateral Raise

DB Side Lateral Raise

Shoulder Plate Rotations 

KB sumo squat Upright row 3×10

Superset x4

20 Wall Balls/1 min battle ropes

Barbell Push Press 3×8

5 – 3 min rounds/30 second rest boxing heavy bag

Training 10-20-16

I had to go to a mandatory training all day today and then work a 6 hour shift later in the night. In between I managed to make it to fundamentals class and despite the long day attending class rejuvenated me and made the rest of the night pretty enjoyable. I’m glad that I can be back training 3-4x a week. My washing machine is not as excited about the increase in training however. 

Today we reviewed several self defense techniques that we have been going over for the past couple weeks and then worked the hip bump sweep/kimura combination and then a hip bump sweep/guillotine combo. 

Training 10-18-16

Fundamentals class for lunch today. We went over some of the blue belt techniques for a couple guys that may be testing. One of the techniques we went over was Kata Guruma. I read the name of the technique and my mind drew a blank. Someone had to remind me that it was the fireman’s carry. One of my biggest weaknesses is remembering the names of many of the moves, particularly the Japanese names. If only they could all be as easy as “head and arm triangle” or “knee on belly”. We ended up taking time to practice the fireman’s carry since some guys were struggling with the entry. BJJ Club Brazil has one of the best breakdowns of this move. It’s in Portuguese but it is very easy to see what they are talking about and follow along.

On a side note after submitting several people last night and today with guillotine chokes (something I am very fond of), I was given the cool nickname of “guillotine machine” by one of my training partners. I decided if I ever fight in a pro MMA match that will be my official nickname for Bruce Buffer to introduce me.