Big on a Budget

I visit from time to time. Most of the time it’s because they have decent prices on protein and supplements, sometimes its for the articles, and occasionally I check the forums for some “Bro science”laughs and tips.


Although I don’t train for size or for a muscled up bodybuilding physique I learn alot about discipline, exercise, and nutrition from bodybuilders. Two of my cousins are bodybuilders (1 pro and 1 amateur) and a few of my buddies at work have dabbled in local shows.

One of my favorite clips to watch is the “Big on a Budget” series from AnimalPak.


Check out the latest feature in

In this series AnimalPak sponsored bodybuilders are given $50 to go grocery shopping for a week of food. It is a good reminder that eating healthy and getting protein does not necessarily have to be an expensive endeavor.




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