Workout 09-29-16

I can’t decide if it’s more rolling hard, getting back in the gym, or working 12 hours in the humidity with all my gear on but my body feel like it got hit by several trucks. There isn’t a part on me that isn’t sore. 

I still made it in today before shift but kept it light. 


Barbell Squats 5×5

Seated calf raises 3×10

Seated leg extension 3×10

Seated hamstring curl 3×10

Leg press/calf raises 3×5 /3×10

I finished off with a short incline walk on the treadmill to keep thb legs active.


Workout 09-28-16

Back to the gym today and started this week with chest day. 


Bench press 5×5

Incline chest press 3×10

Incline DB press 3×10

ISO pec fly 3×10
Workout was followed up by an hour of no gi BJJ where we focused on half guard kimura sweeps and then 4 min rounds of rolling. I was hurting afterwards but it was a good kind of hurt. 

Is My Jiu Jitsu Getting Worse?

I often have the feeling of skill regression, particularly after a layoff of a week. I remember about a year ago thinking that I had taken a few steps back because I was no longer getting submissions I used to get easily and was getting swept more frequently. 

I visited another school while traveling and all of a sudden I had my mojo back. That’s when I realized my game was too predictable and I needed to open up and get better at different guard positions and new sweeps/subs. 

Jiu Jitsu times has a great article for this situation 

Is My Jiu Jitsu Is Getting Worse

Eat like a fighter

Despite training multiple times a week I haven’t quite achieved the body of a fighter like I have strived for. 

Well that’s not true.
There is at least one fighter that I could be mistaken for. Lol.

The last month or so my diet has kind of fell off and it’s shown in my conditioning and energy. While watching the Ultimate Fighter recently one of the fighters discussed his diet during his weight cut and it made me think I need to eat like a fighter again. 

So it’s back to protein first nutrition and cheat meals rather than cheat days…or weeks.