Training 08-13-16

You can’t tell from this picture but I’m extremely dissapointed in my performance today. When it came down to top 3, the two matches I had pitted me against guys 10lbs heavier and at least 4 inches taller. No biggie in used to it. What upset me was the ref stopped my match because he thought he heard my arm snap on a very poor Americans attempt from my opponent. For the record it didn’t, and I was fine and in zero pain. Also I was up 2-0 at the time. I’m not upset at the ref (ok I am a little) but I was so mad about about it I let it get to me. The second match I fought on the minimum 5 min rest while my opponent had about 15. I was up 6-4 with 2 advantages and I got gassed out with about a minute left and I left an opening for him and I ended up losing by a point. I eventually finished 3rd with a bronze but honestly I knew I should have done better, trained more, and played smarter. I felt like throwing that bronze medal in he trash but my son fought 2 hard matches (lost both) and won a bronze because there were only 3 in his bracket. He was so happy to get a medal and he deserved it forgoing against older and bigger kids. 

I thought about what example I would set for him if I continued to stew over 2 losses after he lost 2. In fact when I saw him after the medal ceremony all he talked about was my wins and the takedown I scored in my loss. 

So as the saying goes…you either win or you learn and today I’ll chalk up to a learning experience. 


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