Training 06-29-16

Lunch BJJ class today. We worked a  Drop Morote Seoinage for standup and then went to the ground to drill a side control bread cutter choke and arm bar for an opponent underhooking to escape. 

Afterwards we rolled and lucky for me there were a few new faces to train with today. 


Training 06-27-16

Got a few rolls in with a buddy before teaching defensive tactics to new hires all afternoon. I haven’t lifted weights in over a month now and my friend told me I got stronger. I know I’m not stronger but I have been concentrating on being more explosive and efficient in my jiu jitsu and I imagine that is what made me appear stronger to him.

Defensive Training today was centered on take downs and a couple basic ground techniques. My favorite throw/takedown is O Goshi. It is so simple but at the same time a complex move to perfect. I hate how the academy teaches it so the first thing I had to do was go around and break bad habits from everyone that thought they were doing it right. 

Overall they did well and I kept my sanity. 

Training 06-25-16

Great turnout for today’s seminar/grand opening of the new building. 5 black belts on the mat teaching techniques and 2 Judo black belts teaching Tai Otoshi modified for a back take and mount variation. 

The air conditioner was working overtime to keep the place at 82 degrees. It was hot jitsu for awhile!

Kids seminar was even better with a lot of new kids that will hopefully sign up 

There could be some future black belts on the mat today. 

Training 06-22-16

BJJ lunch class today. I was really looking forward to training and had pretty high energy. Today we worked sacrifice throws from lapel grab and single leg attempt. Then it moved to the ground for arm bar/omopolata/triangle drills. 

Positional rolling and then it was off to work with my partner.  

I They told me he needed exercise but I don’t think this is what they had in mind…

You Don’t Have To Be “Good” At Jiu Jitsu To Be Good At Jiu Jitsu


Great article at Jiu Jitsu Times about why natural talent and ability is not necessary to be succesful at BJJ. I often hear people that have never tried BJJ tell me “when I get in better shape I wanna try that”. I tell them till I’m blue in the face…BJJ is what can get you in better shape, there is no better day to start than today.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”