Memorial Day 05-30-16

Remember to take some time today to reflect and thank all those who paid with the ultimate sacrifice. Coming from a military and law enforcement family this is always a special day in our household. 


Workout 05-25-16

Had a ton of stuff on the to-do list this morning and not a lot of time. I decided to go out for a quick 1 mile run and then start on the lawn work right after. 1 min warm up, 8 minute mile, 2 min cool down = 11 minutes and my workout is done. 

John Danaher On What Makes Some People Progress Faster Than Others



If you want progress, clearly define your goal, whatever it is; then, figure out an effective program which is likely to get you to that goal and then exercise the drive and self discipline to stay with it

Really good article on BJJ Eastern Europe about why some people progress faster than others. I think you can take the concepts of this article and apply it to just about everything, muscle gain, work, weight loss, cardio, etc…

John Danaher On What Makes Some People Progress Faster Than Others

Workout 05-24-16

Didn’t have a lot of time this morning and almost talked myself out of a workout. I managed to shut myself up and went out and ran for 20 minutes today. It was probably my slowest run in a long time but it felt really good to slow down and breathe comfortable and just enjoy the beautiful morning we had today. 

If anyone out there has Nike Running app and wants to make friends with a short slow guy fine me at username: 


Training 05-23-16

Missed fundamentals but got to see the end of class. A few new white belts in the fold which is always good to see. For BJJ advanced class I worked with the worlds most inflexible white belt which sucked cuz I couldn’t get any drilling in. We worked armbars and Americana from 100kilo position and my partner was tapping from the setup. 

Still, I was in his shoes once (although more flexible) so I sacrificed my training to work with him and show him the steps. 

Later we works a butterfly sweep and then onto love grappling for a few rounds 

Due to the new work schedule I have only been able to attend no go nights so training with the gi today I was a bit rusty. 

Workout 05-16-16

Woke up with a bit of renewed focus this morning. I had a long to do list before I go to work this afternoon and first priority was to get in a 20 minute run. Which I did, in the 90+ degree weather. It wasn’t pretty but I easily made the time goal. 

I kept my run short because second on my list was to get the overgrown lawn mowed so count that as my cool down. 

Taking a page from my how to make a salad that doesn’t suck post I made this awesome salad for lunch. 

Leftover pork chops, carrots, sugar snap peas, tomato, green peppers, baby kale mix, mixed greens, and a bit of cilantro. Topped with a ginger dressing.