Training 04-30-16

A bunch of us at work decided to try and start up regular bjj/MMA classes on Saturday mornings. There were a bit more people than I was expecting and the mat felt crowded but in a good way. 

Today was our first class and despite sending an email to everyone with the wrong date we had a decent turnout. 2 new folks and about 6 regulars. Our disciplines vary from from bjj to sanbo to collegiate wrestling. But there was a bit of experience out there with 3 brown belts, 1 black belt, and a couple blues. 

I took a nice knee to the side of the head near my eye and it wasn’t from a new guy or a white belt. It was from the black belt in the group of all people. 

The lump had decreased by about half when I took that photo. Overall it was a great first day and I got in 5 minute rounds with pretty much everybody. 


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