Workout 04-27-16

Ever mentally block yourself before you start? I got home from work and by the time I unloaded, took the dog out, fed him, showered it was 3Am. I went to bed with the determination I was going to run 5k today for my workout first thing in the morning. 

Fast forward to 9AM and I’m awake in bed answering work emails and finding the energy to wake up. I didn’t plan on waking up that early it just happened. By the time I took the dogs out and was out of bed it was 10:30 and well above 85degrees outside and my motivation was dwindling. I managed to get the run started and as I was running the little devil on my shoulder kept telling me to stop at the next light pole. I wasn’t winded or hurting it was all mental and it started creeping when I didn’t get up and run first thing in the morning like I intended.

I ran a really hilly section of road today (yes there are hills in Florida) and between the heat and the uphill sections my time was terrible but I didn’t care. In fact I felt really good and broke a nice sweat. 


One thought on “Workout 04-27-16

  1. I live in Texas and if I don’t do my run or jump rope before the Temps rise, I usually end up not doing it. Hot and humid is a real deterrant for sure!

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