Recovering from that binge weekend


Busy weekend for me..FSU Spring Game came to town which meant beer, brats, and tailgating. To say I overdid it would be an understatement. 

  On top of that me and the wife have a weekend cruise coming up next weekend so I fully expect to end this month a bit heavier than when I started.

Coincidentally I saw this article from Muscle and Fitness Online today which discussed how to recover from an over indulgent weekend like this. Surprisingly, step 1 is to eat. Which makes sense when you think of food as fuel.

The Binge Eating Recovery Guide



One thought on “Recovering from that binge weekend

  1. #7, kalo loe ngotot Liam Neeson dari awal adalah Ra’s Al Ghul, trus Ken Watanabe sebagai apa?#9, Yang gw maksud adalah sebagai Bruce Wayne, bukan sebagai Batman. Dan gw tetap beerpndapat Bale kurang pas.


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