Training 04-07-16

Last nights BJJ focused on escaping rear mount seatbelt from both the good side and the bad side (falling In the choke and away). It Capps off what turned out to be a really long day and I wasn’t winding down until close to midnight. 

I made the conscious decision to skip the gym today, let my body rest and get an extra hour of sleep. That turned out to be a terrible decision.


 When you get into a routine and you step out of it the body does funny things. Exchanging that one hour workout for an hour of sleep has me feeling tired, worn down, and generally unenthusiastic about today.

To make matters worse I ended up waking up around my normal time anyways just from being used to it so that extra hour wasn’t even quality sleep. 

Just goes to show that sometimes what seems tough now may actually make things easier in the long run.


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