Training 04-30-16

A bunch of us at work decided to try and start up regular bjj/MMA classes on Saturday mornings. There were a bit more people than I was expecting and the mat felt crowded but in a good way. 

Today was our first class and despite sending an email to everyone with the wrong date we had a decent turnout. 2 new folks and about 6 regulars. Our disciplines vary from from bjj to sanbo to collegiate wrestling. But there was a bit of experience out there with 3 brown belts, 1 black belt, and a couple blues. 

I took a nice knee to the side of the head near my eye and it wasn’t from a new guy or a white belt. It was from the black belt in the group of all people. 

The lump had decreased by about half when I took that photo. Overall it was a great first day and I got in 5 minute rounds with pretty much everybody. 


Workout 04-27-16

Ever mentally block yourself before you start? I got home from work and by the time I unloaded, took the dog out, fed him, showered it was 3Am. I went to bed with the determination I was going to run 5k today for my workout first thing in the morning. 

Fast forward to 9AM and I’m awake in bed answering work emails and finding the energy to wake up. I didn’t plan on waking up that early it just happened. By the time I took the dogs out and was out of bed it was 10:30 and well above 85degrees outside and my motivation was dwindling. I managed to get the run started and as I was running the little devil on my shoulder kept telling me to stop at the next light pole. I wasn’t winded or hurting it was all mental and it started creeping when I didn’t get up and run first thing in the morning like I intended.

I ran a really hilly section of road today (yes there are hills in Florida) and between the heat and the uphill sections my time was terrible but I didn’t care. In fact I felt really good and broke a nice sweat. 

Training 04-26-16

Made it to the lunch class today. Small group though only 3 of us which meant a whole lot of rolling and not a lot of rest.

I went straight to work afterwards and my school doesn’t have a shower (currently) which meant a bathroom sink shower and then off to work my 10 hour day. 

12 Surprising Things You Can Do With Avocado Oil


I recently discovered Avocado Oil and started incorporating it into my cooking. I switched from vegetable oils about 3 years ago to olive oil and coconut oils. One of the things I like about avocado oil over the others is it’s high smoke point. Avocado oil has a smoke point around 520°F while coconut oil is at 350°F and olive oil at 420°F. This makes it really good for pan frying and grilling.

Here are 12 Surprising Things You Can Do With Avocado Oil courtesy of Mark’s Daily Apple.

Video – BJJ Nomad

Great documentary that makes me want to travel to the UAE to train. I really enjoy how the filmmaker combines history, personal stories, and travel into a great film. The best part is you can watch it for free.

Training 04-22-16

Honestly it was a frustrating week at work this week. This followed a great relaxing weekend of course. Tonight was my only night to train due to work and it was no gi night. I almost didn’t go but decided to make it in so I didn’t go a without bjj for a week. 

I got a few rolls in with one of my favorite training partners and he commented that my movement today was phenomenal and I was moving on feel and not thought. His suggestion was to move more freely like that in gi work. For me BJJ has always been a stress reliever and workout but today kind of highlighted to me how much it frees my mind from the daily grind.